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Dave Skotarczyk

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Legacy-S Workplace : SSP PAYOUT
Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2016/11/4 19:42:49 (222 reads)

Although we have not been officially notified by the Company, I wanted to share what we believe will be the SSP payout for the 2016 award year. Based on figures posted on the at&t investor relations website, the payout for this award year should be $1500.00 for each eligible member. This includes the total of both the stock appreciation value and dividend rate value and represents the highest payout in several years.

        Closing 10/1/2015      = $32.53
        Closing 9/30/2016      = $40.61 

        Diff $8.08 x 150 shares = $1,212


        4th Quarter 2015 $.48 x 150 =  $72.00
        1st Quarter 2016 $.48 x 150 =  $72.00
        2nd Quarter 2016 $.48 x 150 = $72.00
        3rd Quarter 2016 $.48 x 150 =  $72.00

        Total                                = $ 288.00

Just an update on the 2016 award year SSP payout.  The $1500.00 less applicable deductions (in contract) should appear on the following checks.  My understanding is, an employee communication is suppose to be going out by next Friday 11/11/16.

A1 pay cycle – 11/18/16  

B1 pay cycle – 11/23/16  

I have confirmed with Labor that:

A-1 pay cycle is Illinois and Ohio
B-1 pay cycle is Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin

AT&T Services and Appendix F are on the A-1 and B-1 corresponding state pay cycles

SBC Global Services (Appendix G) and COS are on the B-1 pay cycle.

For those in the recent 9-15 surplus who left with SIPP on or after 10-1 who were otherwise eligible, will be mailed a check at their home address the same time as their above pay cycle. 

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