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Dave Skotarczyk
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Executive Vice President:
Troy Smith
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Gerald Sokoloski
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Mike Klein
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Ali Roby

Mike Killewald

Announcements : To AT&T MidWest Management
Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/6/8 20:18:27 (478 reads)

I wanted to touch base on recent events reaching our center. As you know members across the five-state region protested LR's continued engagement of members bypassing the bargaining team they elected to represent them. Notwithstanding the law dispute itself, most members are not trained and experienced in follow-up / analytical questions regarding attractive data. Imagine if you had children or seniors living in your household and your city officials waited for you to go to work to engage them about a controversial tax millage and promised them new playgrounds and bingo halls.

Unlike Rosa Parks who legally violated a horrible law when she took her stance, CWA members exercised their legal NLRA Section 7 ULP rights. The message was to LR, not you! In order for you to take this personal you would have to tell us you could have effected change if we came to you. Conversely I've been told that members who worked have been treated very special the last few days.

Please note that very special people who bust their ass on the job stood up for themselves, their family, and possibly your current / future CWA relatives. LR has undoubtedly demonized members they appeared to care so much about in their emails that caused this. I am confident as the dust settles you will not subscribe to this mindset.

We all know AT&T Corporate employs strategies that none of us are privy to; right, wrong, or indifferent. This was evident with the revelation of the Michael Cohen payment. While CWA feels betrayed, targeted, and disrespected, your local CWA team looks forward to BAU and a speedy contract resolution!


Troy Smith EVP CWA Local 4050

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