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Mike Killewald

Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/8/14 20:42:40 (214 reads)

The question has arisen of how someone will be treated for benefit purposes if they retire during our current status of working on an expired contract. I have been working to gain an understanding with the company on this matter. please see the company's response below:

"Employees who retire after the expiration of the 2015 Agreement and before the ratification of a 2018 Agreement are not subject to the 2015 Agreement, and the Company does not bargain for retired employees. However, the Company intends to treat such employees as follows: employees who retire after expiration of the 2015 Agreement and before ratification of a 2018 Agreement will receive benefits under the Company sponsored plans as described in the 2015 Agreement Eligible Retired Employee provisions until a new contract is ratified. In the past, the Company has decided to apply the terms of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to individuals who terminated employment during the period between expiration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement and ratification of a new Agreement."

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