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Contract News : Dec 17th Town hall meeting notes
Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/12/19 21:50:38 (168 reads)

For those who were unable to participate in the CWA/AT&T Midwest town hall on bargaining, these are note highlights I took.

CWA speakers included CWA President Chris Shelton, D4 VP Linda Hinton, T&T VP Lisa Bolton and the CWA chairs of both tables.
Both Midwest and Legacy T remained committed to job security talks for members to share in the success of the company. If there are no jobs, a contract means nothing. "NO JOBS, NO DEAL".
CWA needs every member to join the mobilization fight. Coworkers must join the fight as well as people in the streets, and most importantly Congress or we may never get a contract.

Randall Stevenson said for every billion in tax breaks it should lead to 7000 jobs. There should be 21,000 new jobs but they eliminated 7000. Randall then said he didn't mean 7000 AT&T jobs, but his words said in New York were very clear.
Rather if its fiber in the ground or call center the people who built this company deserve that work, not off-shore and contractors.
We need Congress to find out what AT&T did with the tax breaks they received, after all we helped elect them. CWA put in a "request for information" but the Trump slanted NLRB said we cannot get information on how AT&T spent the money.
AT&T's last email that was sent when they heard about our town hall offered no guarantees of jobs. They got the tax breaks they wanted, they can afford it.
The key issues remaining are employment security, health care, and jobs. Our current employment security language is the best in the industry, but AT&T has introduced subtle changes to greatly diminish security. We want to be a part of their future, not expendable!
CWA understands the industry is changing but there is a place for us. Innovation is not coming our way.
AT&T's requested givebacks are shocking even for a struggling company, let alone from a successful one. The report to investors says 7000 jobs were cut, but 10,000 were cut. They continue to lie.
AT&T is shifting healthcare because they can, not have to. Their email says are healthcare is among the best, no details.

1. GM got negative publicity with their layoffs, why haven't I heard anything about AT&T? Chris Shelton response: I just did an interview with CNBC and the New York Times about our letter to Congress, you will hear more. There has been some local coverage.
2. Do you think ATT wants to get rid of our union? Can they send out a desertification offer to the members? CWA: Yes, they would love to get rid of us, they try to pit us against each other by sharing bad and incomplete information. I doubt if a desertification vote could be used.
3. Can we get more specifics? Can you elaborate about healthcare and the key issues? CWA: Some healthcare issues include surcharges, tobacco use, and spouse changes amounts to cost shifting. Employment Security concerns are the chipping away at small things which add up. They have good soundbites in their offer, but no understandings included.
4. Why would they do a surplus in the middle of bargaining? Isn't that bargaining in bad faith? Why are they still contracting out? Lisa Bolton: We were shocked also, they usually don't do that during bargaining. It's not illegal though. These are different times.
5. The company is losing customers when the offshore, why do they do it? Chris Shelton: They do it because they still make money with the tax breaks. Over here they went from a 35 to 21% tax rate, overseas they went from 21 to 10% tax rate. What they lose in customers they make up in 3rd world countries. Congress is the only one who can hold them accountable.
6. Do they surplus to weaken us? CWA: All surpluses have that in mind, if there are no members then there is no protest.
7. Their offer sounds good, what?s wrong with it? CWA: We need a future as well. Some of the work has a shelf life, we are trying to get steady employment. CWA members should be their 1st choice, NOT CONTRACTORS. We want to protect more call centers as well. With no workers wage increases mean nothing.
8. Why did we choose to work without a contract? Is that common? CWA: Both Midwest and T&T chose that option because it gives us better leverage and flexibility than if we agreed to an extension. Yes, it is common.
9. Are there in other expiring contracts coming up? CWA: YES, Mobility and Southeast next year. We will cross those bridges when we reach them. We hope to have settlements before that.
10. Are the usual suspects at AT&T's bargaining table? It seems to me that the only way to get through to them is to hit their pocket books. When we work overtime, we make them look good. What are we doing to make them look bad? CWA: Yes, they are the same people but with different philosophies and goals in how they manage and what they invest in. It's not just AT&T, it?s also politics, the environment, and a Trump NLRB and other changes. IE Judge appointments.
Troy Smith
Local 4050 EVP

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