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Announcements : AT&T is Cutting Jobs and Abandoning Rural Communities Across the Midwest
Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2019/6/13 20:40:29 (86 reads)

New reports based on an investigation that CWA conducted of AT&T facilities in the Midwest serviced by CWA members show that despite making promises to create jobs and invest in rural communities, AT&T is cutting jobs and neglecting rural network improvements.

"AT&T has turned its back on rural and suburban communities in the Midwest by eliminating jobs, advocating for deregulation, and cutting investments in these areas," said Linda L. Hinton, Vice President of CWA District 4. "We will not stand idly by while AT&T receives billions in tax benefits but turns a blind eye to our nation's crumbling infrastructure. It's time for AT&T to provide answers about where all that extra income is going."

In many rural communities, AT&T voice service is a lifeline for customers, yet in large parts of the states examined by CWA, AT&T has not upgraded its copper network to fiber to better serve customers. Across the Midwest, AT&T copper cable?for many the only source of landline phone and internet?is significantly damaged, creating service problems for customers and public safety hazards. Despite the clear need for an updated telecommunications network, AT&T continues to cut jobs and close call centers, devastating families and upending lives.

In Ohio, customers have filed numerous complaints with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regarding various service issues. Records obtained by CWA show that since 2016, PUCO received more than 6,000 informal complaints from AT&T customers relating to such issues. CWA is also filing a complaint with PUCO?based on evidence in the new Ohio report?calling for an investigation into the adequacy and reliability of service provided by AT&T.

Because of the lack of public oversight, CWA is encouraging AT&T customers in the Midwest to share information about internet and phone service issues on a new website, ATTBrokenPromises.org/ServiceQuality, so that elected leaders can better understand the problems that their constituents are facing and hold the AT&T accountable for its deteriorating network.

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