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CWA Local 4050/4090

21700 Greenfield Road
Suite 266
Oak Park, MI 48237

Phone: (248) 968 - 0983
or (248) 968 - 0998

Fax: (248) 968 - 1009

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(248) 968 - 0983 ext. 7



Dave Skotarczyk
ext. 301

Executive Vice President:
Troy Smith
ext. 302

Gerald Sokoloski
ext. 303

Vice President Global Services, Legacy-T and Avaya:
Mike Klein
ext. 304

Vice Presidents at Large Special Services:
Michael Mcleod
Ali Roby

Mike Killewald

Important Announcements
Now that SBC has merged with AT&T and changed their name to at&t, there is a lot of confusion on information posted on this web site. Going forward with the new at&t's terminology, we will now be referring to pre-merger SBC employees as "Legacy-S" and the pre-merger AT&T employees as "Legacy-T"

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Local 4050 Topics:
Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2019/11/1 19:35:23 (33 reads)

This is to inform you that the application process for the CWA Joe Beirne Foundation?s scholarship for the 2020-2021 school year begins.

The Foundation?s Board of Directors has approved the awarding of sixteen (16) partial college scholarships of $4,000 each for two years. Eligible for the scholarships are CWA members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including the dependents of retired, laid-off, or deceased members.
Applications will be available solely online for submission on the Foundation?s website at http://cwa-union.org/beirne-application.

This valuable scholarship program is made possible by the funding of CWA locals.

Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2019/6/29 23:26:50 (76 reads)

CWA District 4 and the T & T office wants to inform you that a tentative agreement was reached at AT&T Midwest , AT&T Midwest COS and Leg T

More details will be forthcoming.

Thank you for all of your mobilization activities and support of our Bargaining Team to make this tentative agreement possible.

In Solidarity,

Linda L. Hinton
Vice President
CWA District 4

Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2019/6/13 20:40:29 (101 reads)

New reports based on an investigation that CWA conducted of AT&T facilities in the Midwest serviced by CWA members show that despite making promises to create jobs and invest in rural communities, AT&T is cutting jobs and neglecting rural network improvements.

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Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/11/19 20:41:04 (184 reads)

Dear Colleagues:
This is to inform you that we will be announcing the application process for the CWA Joe Beirne Foundation?s scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/10/25 21:05:26 (168 reads)

Michigan candidate for Governor Gretchen Whitmer to signs our Good Jobs at AT&T Petition on camera.


Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/9/6 18:37:49 (303 reads)

Effective August 16, 2018, all employees with prescription drug coverage administered by CVS/caremark are able to obtain, as part of their prescription drug benefit, a flu vaccine at no charge to the employee from any in-network retail pharmacy, including CVS Pharmacy.

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Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/8/17 18:19:21 (197 reads)

Go to the link below for a video on our broken promises tour!


Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/8/14 20:42:40 (246 reads)

The question has arisen of how someone will be treated for benefit purposes if they retire during our current status of working on an expired contract. I have been working to gain an understanding with the company on this matter. please see the company's response below:

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Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/8/14 19:40:24 (196 reads)

Broken Promises Tour

https://www.politico.com/newsletters/morning-shift/2018/08/07/trump-bets-on-kobach-308083 CWA SLAMS AT&T OVER JOB CUTS: AT&T workers on Monday launched a "broken promises" tour to shame the company over job cuts when they said it promised job creation. The workers, represented by the Communications Workers of America, will focus on AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson?s 2017 statement that the company would create 7,000 good jobs for the middle class and devote $1 billion to capital expenditures with savings from Republicans? tax reform law. CWA contends the company has cut 7,000 jobs since the tax cuts went into effect.

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Posted by Dave Skotarczyk on 2018/6/8 20:18:27 (501 reads)

I wanted to touch base on recent events reaching our center. As you know members across the five-state region protested LR's continued engagement of members bypassing the bargaining team they elected to represent them. Notwithstanding the law dispute itself, most members are not trained and experienced in follow-up / analytical questions regarding attractive data. Imagine if you had children or seniors living in your household and your city officials waited for you to go to work to engage them about a controversial tax millage and promised them new playgrounds and bingo halls.

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