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CWA Local 4050/4090

21700 Greenfield Road
Suite 266
Oak Park, MI 48237

Phone: (248) 968 - 0983
or (248) 968 - 0998

Fax: (248) 968 - 1009

Info Line

(248) 968 - 0983 ext. 7



Dave Skotarczyk
ext. 301

Executive Vice President:
Troy Smith
ext. 302

Gerald Sokoloski
ext. 303

Vice President Global Services, Legacy-T and Avaya:
Mike Klein
ext. 304

Vice Presidents at Large Special Services:
Michael Mcleod
Ali Roby

Mike Killewald


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Union Plus Legal Service -- What is it and what's the value?
Union Plus Legal Service offers union members a complimentary
initial consultation of up to 30 minutes plus a 30% discount on
most additional legal services. Remember, there is no enrollment
fee or annual fee required to use the service.

Leases, insurance policies, simple wills and sales contracts
can be reviewed and explained at no charge to the member.
Lawyers in the program have agreed to provide simple document
review - explaining terms and answering specific questions. If a
program attorney determines that a simple follow-up letter or
phone call will resolve a member's issues, it will be done
without charge.

If a member needs further assistance with a will, a living
trust, or estate planning, the program's legal experts can
assist with 30% discounted rates. The Union Plus Legal Service
also has lawyers that specialize in family law (e.g. child
custody and divorce issues), real estate, and traffic disputes.

Learn more and search for lawyers at:
http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/e1aNzoM1edBB/. You can search by
area of practice, state, language preference and zip code.
Members who do not have Internet access may call 1-888-993-8886,
9 am - 6 pm, Eastern time.

Wear Red on Thursday,We all hear it and yet where did it start and how?
The idea of wearing red as a sign of Solidarity started at The Communications Workers of America in the 1989. It started out of love for a brother who lost his life to a SCAB.

You see Tricia McNamara had to get to work and drove through the line of picketers. In her haste, this summer SCAB struck down Brother Gerry Horgan. He gave his life for what he believed in, for what he loved, for what he lived for. He wanted what we all want, a good life for his wife and children.

Local 1103 in Westchester County N.Y. lost a Brother that day, a wife lost her husband and two little girls lost their father to Corporate GREED. This greed still exists today and has permeated all through our company too folks. The members of that Local wore red for the first time in UNITY for Brother Gerry Horgan. That show of Unity is what has gone through CWA to a regular showing of Solidarity for ALL CWA members.

It is not too much to ask to wear this color on a specific day to say with a color or your voice "I'm Proud To Be A Union Member, I'm Proud To Be With CWA!" .

Remember Wear RED on Thursday, Remember Brother Gerry Horgan!
If Sipp is offered after I retire can I get the Sipp offer?
No an employee must be on the payroll at the time the SIPP offer is made.
Why can’t I transfer between the different companies that make up the new AT&T?
The new AT&T now has 7 main contracts with CWA; Bell South is the latest acquisition. The others are the Ameritech region, PAC Tel in the west, South Western Bell in the south west, New England Tel in the east, the old Cingular and the Old AT&T. Each contract region has its own transfer plan and members can only transfer within the plan that covers them.

Each transfer plan’s rules call for job openings to be filled first from the transfer plan. If no one puts in for the job the opening can be filled with a new hire. A member from any contract region can apply for the job opening when the job is advertised for a new hire. Such a member will receive preferential consideration for the job. If this person is accepted for the job the CWA negotiated pension portability and the bridging of seniority.

I hope in the next round of contract negotiations the Union will be able to improve our ability to move between the different regions.

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